Metalworking Machinery (FSG 34)

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FSCG Title Notes Includes Excludes
3405 Saws and Filing Machines Includes Cutoff Machines; Saw Blade Dressing Machines; Retoothing Machines.
3408 Machining Centers and Way-Type Machines Note-The following definitions apply to "Machining Centers" and "Way-type Machines". a. "Machining Center", refers to a multipurpose numerically controlled machine tool for the complete and automatic machining of parts requiring multiple operations such as milling, drilling, tapping, boring, and reaming, having an integral tool storage device and an integral means for positioning various faces of the work piece. It must have facilities for automatic interchanging of varied cutting tools between successive operations. Excluded from this class are multipurpose numerically controlled machine tools, such as Boring-Drilling-Milling Machines, which require the use of an attachment or accessory for tool storage and/or to position the various faces of a work piece. These types of equipment are classified in other appropriate classes within group 34. b. "Way-type Machine", refers to a special machine tool of station type design consisting of individually mounted self-contained machining units and facilities for indexing the work piece to each station in a predetermined sequence. The machining unit(s) may be disassembled and rearranged to accommodate different work piece configurations. Machine is capable of performing single or multiple operations on the work piece simultaneously or in sequence to each station.
3410 Electrical and Ultrasonic Erosion Machines Includes Electrical Discharge Machines; Electrolytic Grinding Machines.
3411 Boring Machines
3412 Broaching Machines
3413 Drilling and Tapping Machines Includes Multiple Spindle Drilling-Tapping Machines. Excludes Way-Type Machines.
3414 Gear Cutting and Finishing Machines
3415 Grinding Machines Excludes Electrolytic Grinding Machines.
3416 Lathes Includes Screw Machines Excludes Speed Lathes; Metal Spinning Lathes; Cartridge Case and Shell Lathes.
3417 Milling Machines
3418 Planers and Shapers Includes Combination Shaper-Planers. Excludes Gear Shapers; Planer Type Milling Machines.
3419 Miscellaneous Machine Tools Includes Gun Rifling Machines; Speed Lathes.
3422 Rolling Mills and Drawing Machines
3424 Metal Heat Treating and Non-Thermal Treating Equipment Includes Hardening, Annealing, Tempering, Normalizing, Cyaniding, and Carburizing Equipment; Furnaces, Flue Welding, Non-Thermal Stress Relieving Systems.
3426 Metal Finishing Equipment Includes Galvanizing, Tinning, Oiling, Pickling; Electroplating, and Anodizing Equipment.
3431 Electric Arc Welding Equipment Includes Gas Shielded Arc Welding Machines; Arc Bonding Machines; Semi-Automatic and Automatic Arc Welding Machines. Excludes Welding Supplies, and Associated Equipment such as: Flux Recovery Mchines; Flux Dispensers; Tacker Panels; Welding Panels.
3432 Electric Resistance Welding Equipment Includes Electric Resistance Brazing Machines; Band Saw Brazers; Stored Energy Resistance Welding Machines. Excludes Electric Induction Brazing and Soldering Machines.
3433 Gas Welding, Heat Cutting, and Metalizing Equipment Includes Metal Spray Guns; Arc Cutting Machines; Torches and Tips; Gas Brazing Machines; Flame Cutting Machines; Vacuum Metalizers; Spark Discharge Metalizers. Excludes Welding Supplies; Disintegrating Machines.
3436 Welding Positioners and Manipulators Includes Welding Tables.
3438 Miscellaneous Welding Equipment Includes Thermite Welding Equipment; Flux Recovery Machines; Flux Dispensers; Arc Converters; Welding Panels.
3439 Miscellaneous Welding, Soldering, and Brazing Supplies and Accessories Includes Soldering Irons; Welding Electrodes and Rods; Brazing Fluxes; Soldering Fluxes; Solder.
3441 Bending and Forming Machines Excludes Wire and Metal Ribbon Forming Machines.
3442 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Presses, Power Driven Includes Metal Powder Compacting Presses.
3443 Mechanical Presses, Power Driven Includes Metal Powder Compacting Presses.
3444 Manual Presses Includes Arbor, Straightening, Forcing, and Assembly Presses.
3445 Punching and Shearing Machines
3446 Forging Machinery and Hammers Excludes Forging Presses.
3447 Wire and Metal Ribbon Forming Machines Excludes Roll Forming Machines.
3448 Riveting Machines Excludes Power Driven Hand Riveting Machines.
3449 Miscellaneous Secondary Metal Forming and Cutting Machines Includes Metal Spinning Lathes.
3450 Machine Tools, Portable Includes Portable Abrasive Cutting Machines; Portable Drilling Machines; Portable Slotters and Shapers. Excludes Stationary Type Machine Tools mounted on portable devices such as wheel or leg type stands.
3455 Cutting Tools for Machine Tools Includes Broaches; Files; Milling Cutters; Reamers; Saws. Excludes Flame Cutting Tools.
3456 Cutting and Forming Tools for Secondary Metalworking Machinery
3460 Machine Tool accessories Excludes Abrasive Wheels, Cones, and other Abrasive Attachments for use only on Hand Held Power Tools.
3461 Accessories for Secondary Metalworking Machinery Excludes Parts Feeders.
3465 Production Jigs, Fixtures, and Templates Note-This class includes jigs, fixtures, and templates used in conjection with the metalworking machinery classified in Group 34. Jigs, fixtures, and templates used in conjunction with maintenance and repair shop specialized equipment are classified in Group 49.
3470 Machine Shop Sets, Kits, and Outfits