Lumber, Millwork, Plywood, and Veneer (FSG 55)

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FSCG Title Notes Includes Excludes
5510 Lumber and Related Basic Wood Materials Includes Dimensional Lumber; Wood Flooring; Mine Timbers; Poles; Railroad Ties; Wood Siding; Molding; Stakes. Excludes Millwork (FSC 5520); Plywood and Veneer (FSC 5530); Prefabricated Non-Wood Items (FSC 5670).
5520 Millwork Includes Door Frames; Doors; Window Frames; Window Sashes. Excludes Molding (FSC 5510); Prefabricated Non-Wood Items (FSC 5670).
5530 Plywood and Veneer Includes Plywood and Veneered Panels.