Chemicals and Chemical Products (FSG 68)

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FSCG Title Notes Includes Excludes
6810 Chemicals Includes Naphtha Solvents; Water Softening Compounds; Tanning Materials, Natural or Synthetic; Dextrines and Starches; Inedible Gelatins; Acetone; Propellant Chemicals, Bulk, not Specialized Solely for Guided Missile Use. Excludes Medicinal Chemicals; Gases; Foundry dextrines; Radiographic and Photographic Chemicals; In Vitro Diagnostic Substances and Reagents.
6820 Dyes Includes Household Tints
6830 Gases: Compressed and Liquefied Includes Fuel Gases. Excludes Military Chemical Gases; Medical Gases; Empty Gas Cylinders and their caps, valves, and valve spare parts.
6840 Pest Control Agents and Disinfectants Includes Insect Repellents; Fungicides; Insecticides; Rodenticides; Weed Killers. Excludes Personal Deodorants.
6850 Miscellaneous Chemical Specialties Includes Antifogging Compounds; Wetting Agents; Etching and Fountain Solutions for Lithographing; Blanket Repair Solutions for Lithographing; Antifreeze.