Training Aids and Devices (FSG 69)

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FSCG Title Notes Includes Excludes
6910 Training Aids Includes Mockups; Cutaway Models; Scale Models; Training Films; Training Aid Maps; Navigational Training Aids; Flight Instrument Training Aids; Aircraft Instrument Training Aids; Vehicle Training Aids; Engine Instrument Training Aids; Hydraulic System Training Aids; Cutaway, Mockup, or Sectionalized Ammunition only; Training Equipment normally used in classroom training. Excludes Drill, Dummy, Exercise, Practice, or Simulated Ammunition and Weapons.
6920 Armament Training Devices Includes Bombing Trainers; Gunnery Trainers; Tow Targets; Gunnery Targets; Guided Missile Training Sets. Excludes Target Drones; Drones for such use as training, surveillance, missile evaluation, and photographic reconnaissance; Atomic Ordnance Training Devices; Training Aids; Drill, Dummy, Exercise, Practice, or Simulated Ammunition and Weapons.
6930 Operation Training Devices Includes Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying and Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All operational training devices except communication and armament. Excludes Training Aids.
6940 Communication Training Devices Includes Supersonic Radar Trainers; Navigational Radar Trainers; Search and Detecting Radar Trainers; Code Practice Equipment. Excludes Training Aids.